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Welcome. This page contains descriptions, media and history of our game Spliti. Here you should find any info you might need to post articles or get more informed about the game.

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Summary :

  • Developper: Phlegmagames, a French indie game company based in Rennes (France)
  • Genre: Puzzle/Platform game
  • Started in: 2018
  • Release date: 2020 on PC/Mac/Linux
  • Website:
  • Price: For now, the expected prices is 14.99€ (PC/MAC/Linux). This is not set yet and may change later
  • Contact Press:
  • Social mediaTumblr – Facebook – Twitter – Youtube – Twitch

Description :

Spliti is a contemplative puzzle/platform game based in a poetic world. The atmosphere is enhanced through the use of clear graphics.

You play the mind of a scientist. This hero is stuck in an energy cube as a result of a failed experiment. You will need to be smart and clever to overcome obstacles and help him regain his body.

Spliti Introduction

Jump, perform wall jumps, toggle switches, pass through walls. Use view glitch to find new ways to through the levels. Discover many new and interesting gameplay features as you make your way throughout the four worlds of the game.

Bonus are spread in each levels, which will allow you to unlock new levels and simplify fights against the bosses. Extra challenges for the most reckless players exist with the hard mode.

You will also be able to face danger and solve the riddles with a friend as an alternative two-player story mode is available. Players will be able to enjoy this alternative mode together especially since the level design and the story will not be the same as the single-player mode.

Features :

  • A clear and well-thought-out dreamlike graphic style
  • Highly-developed gameplay, easy to learn, enjoyable, but with increase difficulty
  • A well-thought-out level design including varied challenging mechanics which require both skills and reflection
  • A scenario based on parental love and imagination
  • More than 240 unique and dangerous levels to explore with an increasing mechanics difficulty
  • Bonus to collect in order to unlock new levels, and simplify fights against the bosses
  • A two-players mode available with specifically made scenario and level design
  • A hardcore game mode will be available, specifically made for experienced players
  • Configurate your game as you wish using the option menu

Trailer :

Coming Soon

Screenshots :

Click the tumbnails for more detailed screenshots.

Videos :

Coming Soon

About Phlegmagames :

Phlegmagames is a French indie game company made by two people who are passionate about video game.

We make creative games for fun experiences.

We are currently working on Spliti. A contemplative puzzle/platform game based in a clear & poetic world.

Our mission is to take as much pleasure creating games as playing them !

Credits :

  • Samuel Thiebaut – game design global, graphic design, developer, scriptwriter
  • Cédric Trouville – level designer, tester

Because we are such a small team, we all took part and had our say in every steps of the game creation, even though we all specialize in different areas.

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