Our Team

About Us :

Phlegmagames is a French indie game company made by two people who are passionate about video game.

We make creative games for fun experiences.

We are currently working on Spliti. A contemplative puzzle/platform game based in a clear & poetic world.

Our Mission :

Take as mush pleasure creating games as playing them !!!

The Team :

Our team is composed of 2 people. We are based in France and we work together for the past year. 

Contact us : contact (at) phlegmagames.com

Hi, I’m Samuel. I’m the creator of Spliti. I’m the art director and the developer on the team.

Email : samuel.t (at) phlegmagames.com

Hi, I’m Cedric. I’m the level designer and the tester of the game. I’m in charge of public relations.

Email : cedric.t (at) phlegmagames.com

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